WHY hire a professional voice for your project?

1. Experience - A professional with many years of experience.

2. Industry Knowledge - Understanding how the components of a voice-over project work and what is expected of the voice talent, including sensitivity to the needs of all the players in the process, such as the client, production company, ad agency, director, producer, writer, video editor and audio engineer.

3. Professional Studio - Owning and maintaining a professional quality personal studio, thus saving you additional studio fees and avoiding scheduling difficulties.

4. Trained Actor - A skilled voice actor understands how to deliver an authentic performance in front of a microphone (as opposed to on stage or in front of a camera), and is able to interpret your script in the context of its intended audience and medium in which it will be heard.

5. Trained Editor - A voice-over artist is also a skilled technical audio engineer, ensuring professional quality recordings of your script.

6. Readily Available - Full time professional voice talent are able to quickly turn around your projects, readily accommodating your schedule.

7. Commitment - A professional stays abreast of trends in the industry, from varying styles of vocal performance to the latest technologies for recording live with clients around the globe.

8. Valuing Your Brand - The most important thing to consider is the impact that a professional production will have on your brand identity. When you invest in your business, it’s for the benefit of your company— signaling to your customers that you value quality.